Aug 3, 2022 • 1M

Intro: The DAO Factor

This podcast covers Crypto, DAOs, NFTs, and Web3...interviewing DAO leaders and community builders. Hosted by Lisa Yu, tech investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and DJ.

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The DAO Factor
The DAO Factor, a podcast that covers Crypto, DAOs, and Web3 communities.
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Welcome to The DAO Factor…I’m your host Lisa Yu.  I’m a tech investor, entrepreneur and speaker that got into crypto in 2017.

This podcast will cover Crypto, DAOs, Web3 communities, and the key leaders behind them.  For those who are new to DAOs, a DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that’s taking the world by storm.

This season, we’ll be interviewing DAOs in music, art, fashion, education, business, real estate, politics, sports, dating, and more.

I’m super excited to take you on this journey to discuss DAOs, Web3 communities, and the key leaders behind them.

Thanks for joining us on Season 1 of The DAO Factor.  

Follow @TheDAOFactor on Twitter and YouTube to watch videos of our podcast where we’ll be dropping a new video every week, featuring key leaders of DAOs, community builders, and leaders in Web3.